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kotsuki's Journal

Blacker than the blackest black times INFINITY
Welcome~ Hi, my name's Amber but on the net I go by Kohaku or Ko and I don't care which you call me. I also find intro posts to be terribly redundant.

My journal consists of my ramblings, rants, picture posts, projects, travels and what not. Feel free to add me and comment on my Friends Only post at the top of my journal, otherwise I most likely won't notice that you've added me. I do not add people I have nothing in common with.

Currently I'm attending DePaul University in Chicago seeking degrees in Japanese Studies and a BS in Animation. I appreciate art in many forms so my hobbies have a lot to do with traditional and digital art, fashion and especially music.

I have a bizarre, dry, weird sense of humor that isn't conveyed well across the Internet but you should know I don't take myself very seriously and I don't think that you should either 8D

Check out my websites if you're interested:

Kagrra, by kotsuki

International Kagrra, Day anyone? =3